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Peer-to-Peer Agile
Project Management
For Software Teams

Peer-to-Peer Agile Project Management For Software Teams

Acorn is an open-source, peer-to-peer project management application. It is designed and built as a scrum-alternative, Agile Development Pattern for distributed software development teams.

What's special about Acorn

Acorn is not your typical project management tool. Here are a few reasons why. 👇

Why Acorn #1

Truly distributed collaboration

Acorn is built as a Holochain application, meaning it runs on decentralized peer-to-peer computing and can be used without server infrastructure or a hosting service. The users of a particular Acorn instance are its hosting power.

Acorn Feature Visual for Truly distributed collaboration
Why Acorn #2

Intended Outcomes, not goals

In Acorn's ontology projects are managed through the lens of Intended Outcomes, their dependencies, Scope, and Achievement Status in a Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle process. This helps you and your distributed team stay on track while working on a complex project.

Acorn Feature Visual for Intended Outcomes, not goals
Why Acorn #3

More intelligent project management

Acorn provides the sweet-spot combination of annotated and computed metadata to help you and your team make sense of the complexity of your project, make measurable estimations of Outcome achievement durations, and to see the progress status of the project as a whole.

Acorn Feature Visual for More intelligent project management
Why Acorn #4

Multiple lenses for your project

Each project view in Acorn helps you and your team members when you have a different kind of focus. There is Map View to offer a high-level overview, Table View which is task-oriented, and Priority View for aligning your team.

Map View
Table View
Priority View
Acorn Feature Visual for Multiple lenses for your project

Who's Involved in Developing Acorn

Acorn was envisioned and prototyped (using a third party platform) by the Holochain core development team in 2018 to organize their own planning and execution process.

In August 2019 Sprillow undertook a design process and began building Acorn on Holochain and continues to today. In June 2022 the first major release of Acorn (Alpha) was published and it's currently in an Alpha testing phase.

Lightningrod Labs is the container for the continuous development of Acorn alongside some other projects powered by Holochain.

Download the latest Acorn alpha release

Available as native desktop app for MacOS, Windows and Linux.
Download and install the latest version of Acorn's alpha release to get started.